I build apps.

About me

Hi there! My original major is Corporate Finance but I switched to being a Web and Mobile Developer. I'm a passionate developer with good foundational knowledge and structural thinking.

I prefer solving problems at their core, by identifying and fixing the underlying causes.

My decisions and solutions are made consciously with painstaking research and analysis, even a random decision is statistically random.

I have been learning and using ReactJs, React Native, Flutter or some server-side view engines like Handlebars (nodejs) Jinja (Python) to build Frontend apps

I also build rest-full API services using Python (Flask), NodeJS (ExpressJs) and currently improving Golang skill.

For databases, I have solid understanding and can build pure queries (and ORM, ODM) for both SQL (PostGreSQL, MySQL) and NoSQL (MongoDB) database.

I've been working as the main instructor for full-stack Boot-camp course at CoderSchool for more than a year. During my time here, I have enhanced my foundations, learned new programming languages and concepts by working on some freelance projects.

I always treat my students as my junior colleagues, and that's how I developed my patience when teaching and explaining things as well as skills to lead a team.

CoderSchool   is the first coding school in Vietnam that teaches coding in English and partners with Facebook Developer Circles Vietnam to offer free training programs for outstanding young talents.


I am A. Great. Dev.

And also A. Saigon. Dev.

Measured by the Google Domain name, not by any other means.